At Ultimate Luxury Restrooms, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with everything they need to create an ideal restroom setup with top-notch amenities at their event. Not only do we offer extensively serviced, fully equipped restroom trailers, we can also suit your event with mats and stanchions delivering a royal look to your outdoor event.

Ultimate Luxury Restrooms Red Runners

Red Runners

Red carpet runners combined with crowd controlling belt stanchions to give your private event a Hollywood style look. Adding style and lavishness that are visually appealing and provide functional safety & efficiency at the same time, upgrading the event attendee experience.


Black Runners

We provide black carpet runners for Funerals. We set up your restroom trailer with black carpet runners paired with stanchions to control the crowd.

Ultimate Luxury Restrooms Stanchion


When you hire us for a luxury portable restroom, we also provide a stanchion to manage the crowd at the restroom entrance. Stanchion can help to keep lines shorter, well-ordered, and systematic particularly when a large group of people are included.  

Ultimate Luxury Restrooms Linen Towels

Linen Towels

At Ultimate Luxury Restroom, we aim to bring modern conveniences of your home to the portable restrooms. We stock fresh linen towels in each restroom as well as hand it to the guests before entering the restrooms. We also make sure to add a new set of towels after every use. This allows us to mimic the style and amenities of modern, sophisticated bathrooms ensuring hygiene and comfortable experience. 

Ultimate Luxury Restrooms Photo Gallery

Power Generator

Power Generator provides electricity which is required to operate our portable luxury restroom to run things like the heating, air conditioning, pumps and electrical lights. For events and other locations where noise is a problem, our generators provide near silent operation. We maintain uninterrupted service during the entire length of your event.

Surface Disinfection

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of all those we work with and serve.  For that purpose, we have proactively instituted enhanced cleaning protocols in our offices and all our restroom trailers. 

All our restroom trailers are cleaned thoroughly before disinfecting. This includes the surface countertops, all the interior amenities, handles and doors, and outer part of the trailer after placement at your desired spot. We use the best quality surface disinfectant to keep you protected.
Here is how we keep our luxury restrooms clean and hygienic:


Step 1 Cleaning


We spray disinfectant directly onto the surface.

Step 2 Cleaning

We use a clean paper towel to wipe debris and bioburden.


Step 3 Cleaning

Then paper towels are discarded in the bin.



Step 4 Disinfecting

We again use the disinfectant to clean the same area.


Step 5 Disinfecting

We clean the entire area with a clean paper towel.


Step 6 Disinfecting

Then discard the towel appropriately.


Having an Ultimate Luxury Restroom attendant on site to refresh and maintain our restrooms during your event is one of the many options available to you.

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